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About Chewpod USA, Inc.


Chewpod USA, Inc. is a California headquartered company distributing the Chewpod ENERGY and Chewpod SLEEP products in the USA and other countries.


These 2 ON Demand, next generation dietary supplements help enhance ENERGY and SLEEP in a fast and convenient way: you can take them anywhere and chew them anytime!


One only needs to chew 2 mint flavored Chewpod for 5 minutes! No water is required, no swallowing of pills and there is no need to drink small or large cups, cans or containers of fluid. Chewpod are 5 calories per serving, sodium free and 100% made in Canada.


Chewpod USA, Inc. has a sister company located in Canada named Chewpod Canada, Inc.


1) What is a Chewpod?

Chewpod are next generation dietary supplements. These chewable tablets are fast release*, convenient to use, and designed to help enhance Sleep and Energy. They can be used “on Demand”; Chew them anytime and bring them anywhere.

2) How many types of Chewpod are there?

There are 2 types:


a)The “Energy on Demand” Chewpod helps enhance endurance and alertness*.


b)The “Sleep on Demand” Chewpod helps enhance quality of sleep, total sleep time, and help decrease the effects of jet lag*.

3) How does a Chewpod work?

The secret behind the Chewpod’s performance is in the science. While chewing a Chewpod, the pH of your saliva is temporarily adjusted. This proprietay process creates an optimal environment, allowing for the fast release* of the Chewpod’s active ingredients. As a result, the Chewpods benefits can be achieved within minutes.

4) How do I use Chewpod?

You can chew them anytime and take them anywhere. Simply chew 2 Chewpod for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes of chewing you may discard it, or continue to chew – the choice is yours. However, during the initial 5 minutes of chewing, all the active ingredients are released. There is no need for water, swallowing of pills, or having to drink large or small cans, cups, or containers of fluid.

5) When should I use the Energy Chewpod?

The Energy Chewpod are designed to help enhance alertness and endurance, whether at work, during an activity among friends, a sports competition or when your simply low on energy, the choice is yours.

6) When should I use the Sleep Chewpod?

The Sleep Chewpod are designed to help those in need of rest and recuperation, whether to help you fall asleep more quickly, to prepare for a demanding next day, to reduce the effect of jet lag while traveling or to improve the quality of your sleep, the choice is yours.

7) How long does it take to work?

Most people report feeling the effects of the energy Chewpod in around 5-6 minutes, while feeling the effects of the Sleep Chewpod in about 20minutes. Individual response may differ.

8) How long does it last?

Energy Chewpod have been reported to last for 2-8 hours. The effects of the sleep Chewpod have been reported to last for 4-8 hours. However, each person’s individual response may differ.

9) What does Chewpod cost?

US$4.99 is the suggested retail cost. With 4 servings per package, that’s a cost of only US$1.25 per serving.

10) How many servings of Chewpod are in a package?

Each Chewpod package contains 8 Chewpod, equivalent to 4 servings (2 Chewpod per serving).

11) How many calories per Chewpod serving?

Only 5 calories per serving.

12) What are the active ingredients of the Energy Chewpod?

-Caffeine – equivalent to a cup of the leading brand of coffee
-Vitamin B5
-Vitamin B6

13) What are the active ingredients in the Sleep Chewpod?

-Vitamin B6

14) Is there any sodium in the Chewpod?

They are sodium free

15) Is Chewpod approved by the FDA?

Our Chewpod products and packaging are FDA compliant.

16) Where are Chewpod manufactured?

Chewpod are 100% made in Canada in a FDA/Health Canada compliant manufacturing facility.

17) How do I store Chewpod?

No refrigeration is required, however we recommend they be stored in a cool dry space (<80degrees F for long term storage)

18) How old do I have to be to use Chewpod?

Chewpod are recommended for adults, but not for children.

19) Who should use Chewpod?

Chewpod was designed for shift workers, students, travelers, exercise enthusiasts, athletes, outdoor enthusiasts, military, emergency responders, truckers, and anybody else that’s looking to enhance their energy or sleep.

20) What happens if I swallow a Chewpod?

Chewpod are not harmful if swallowed, however it is not recommended

21) What if I have an allergic reaction to Chewpod?

Stop use and seek emergency treatment.

22) Can I take Chewpod if I’m taking other medication?

Consult your physician prior to use.

Chewpod Sleep US Tray TRANSP 3D 2

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